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This Geeks On Repair tech database is for internal use only. Publicly, this website will only show: #1 your first name and first 2 or 3 letters of your last name. #2 your coverage area, and any skill you have indicated to possess. It will NOT show your personal contact information. When a job is available in your area, we will call, text, and/or email you to the phone number and email you chose to write when creating and saving your profile page. This database saves your IP address when checking the agreement box below, and that will serve as your electronic signature for this agreement. The email verification link emailed to you after sign up also serves as a second signature to this same agreement with Geeks On Repairs’ terms and conditions. To become a Geeks On Repair contracted technician, you will need to: A) Upload a scanned or picture copy of your valid, non-expired state issued driver’s license when creating and saving your tech profile. You may do this after your first assignment with us, but prior to your second. ( An uploaded Copy of your non expired, state issued driver license is necessary because we absolutely must know who we are sending to our Geeks On Repair customers location) B) Check the entry box below, showing your agreement with Geeks On Repairs’ Terms and Conditions. C) Fill out and complete your technician profile in our Geeks On Repair technician portal, found on the next page, after agreeing to our terms and conditions on this page. D) Agree to the aforementioned and following terms and conditions set forth. When a Geeks On Repair customer becomes interested in the use of your expertise in the geographical service area(s) you’ve checked off for yourself when creating your profile, we, Geeks On Repair, will contact you directly via phone call, text message, and /or email to ask if you are willing and able to perform the work or task being offered. As an outsourced onsite technician, you understand that you will not have direct contact with Geeks On Repair customers outside of us, unless approved by one of our supervisors. You agree to treat our customers as well as you would treat your very own. You agree not to promote your own company or services with our customers. You agree not to attempt to “poach,” or steal our customers, or in any way work with them directly. This includes, but is not limited to, trying to convince our customers to call you directly, or contact you, instead of Geeks On Repair, for any future services. Technician understands that Geeks On Repair will pay him/her directly, allowing technician to choose his/her payment method through PayPal or Cash App. Technician is paid as soon as the job is completed, and within 1 hour after technician has put us on speakerphone with our customer, prior to exiting our customer’s location. 1099 Form and Taxes: (1) PayPal and/or Cash App will provide 1099 forms, effective the 2022 tax year, after we have paid you up to $600 inside a fiscal year. ( Cash App & PayPal should start sending the 1099 directly to contractors who have been paid over $600 inside a fiscal calendar year starting this 2022 year) (2) If applicable, Geeks on Repair will supply a 1099 form AFTER you have been paid $600 or more in a fiscal calendar year. It’s your job to keep track and let us know when we have paid you $600 or more in a fiscal calendar year. (3) Techs who we pay via upwork ( do NOT have to ask us for a 1099 form, since Upwork handles that both for you and for us. Techs can choose to be paid via ( anytime, if they ever decide to be paid by us via upwork instead of cash app or paypal. Technicians hired through Upwork, need to create a profile on, so we can then continue paying exclusively via Upwork for the remainder of that same fiscal calendar year. Technician absolutely must put our customer on the phone with us while still on-site and before leaving, so we are able to verify the work with our customer. By checking the entry box below, and proceeding to the next page, you agree to abide by ALL the aforementioned rules put forth as a binding contract and agreement between Geeks On Repair and yourself. We will NOT require a non-compete agreement, since we know many outsourced technicians have their own companies We see you and ourselves as part of a team, not competitors, nor do we see ourselves as your competitor. But do understand, plain and simple, that Geeks On Repair customers belong to Geeks On Repair. They do not belong to you or your company. Technicians are paid according to the amount of hours and minutes accumulated between arrival at location and calling or texting to check in, and up to the the time technician calls us once again when done with work, and before departure. Techs are always paid a 1hr minimum, regardless if onsite visit took less than an hour to complete. Anytime past the 1st hour, tech will be paid in 15 minute increments of the same hourly rate. For distances further than 50 miles ONE WAY from technician’s zip code base location saved in technician’s profile, Geeks On Repair and technician can negotiate a bonus amount for travel. On some occasions and for some jobs, Geeks On Repair allows technicians to be paid a flat-rate fee, agreed upon prior to going out on a particular job. These jobs are rare and have to fit criteria. Geeks On Repair will bring this up to the technician if applicable. Technicians always has complete freedom to accept or reject whichever jobs (s)he chooses. We do, however, keep track of which technicians accept the most, and successfully complete the most jobs with us. Technicians who accept more jobs from us will be called and contacted first when future jobs become available.

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