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This Geeks On Repair tech database is for internal use only. Publicly , this website will only show: #1 your first name and first 2 or 3 letters of your last name. #2 your coverage area, and any skill sets you have indicated to possess. It will NOT show your personal contact information. When a job is available in your area , we will call you , text you and/or email you to the phone number and email you chose to write when creating and saving your profile page. This database saves your IP address when checking the agreement box below , and that will serve as your electronic signature to this agreement. The email verification link emailed to you in order to start the creation of your profile also serves as a second signature and agreement with Geeks On Repair’s terms and conditions. To become a Geeks On Repair contracted Technician, you will need to: A) Upload a scanned or picture copy of your valid, non expired state issued drivers license when creating and saving your tech profile. B) Upload your resume, with pertinent work history, level of education and personal/business references when completing and saving your tech profile. C) Check the entry box below showing your agreement with Geeks On Repair Terms and Conditions. D) Fill out and complete your tech profile in our Geeks On Repair tech portal, found on next page after agreeing to our terms and conditions. E) Agree to the aforementioned and the following terms and conditions set forth. When a Geeks On Repair customer becomes interested in the use of your expertise in the geographical service areas you’ve checked off for yourself when creating your profile; we , Geeks On Repair , will contact you directly via phone call , text message, and /or email to ask if you are willing and able to perform the work or task being offered. As an outsourced onsite tech , you understand that you will never have direct contact with a Geeks On Repair customer before or after you perform the work for them on our behalf, unless approved by one of our supervisors ( name). You agree to treat our customers as well as you would treat your own. You agree to not promote your own company or services with our customers outside of us. You agree to not attempt to take our customer for yourself , or try to convince our customer to call you directly or seek you instead of Geeks On Repair for any future repairs , work, or installations our customers may need. Tech understands that Geeks On Repair will pay Tech directly allowing tech to choose his payment method through Pay Pal, Zelle , or Cash App. Tech is paid as soon as the job is completed and tech has emailed our company invoice back to us with customer signatures showing techs time of arrival and time of completion. Tech must put our customer on the phone with us while still onsite and before leaving , so we are able to verify that the job has in fact been completed. Tech understands that we will pay Tech as soon as the job has been completed, but it is mandatory that Tech email us back a copy of our customer signed company invoice , showing time of Techs arrival and departure. Tech will send this back to us AS SOON AS TECH IS ABLE TO; failure to do so could delay Techs payment. By checking the entry box below, and proceeding to sign up, you agree to our performing a background check, using the credentials you’ve provided and the information that is on your uploaded , Valid , Non Expired drivers license issued by the state you reside in. Also, by checking on the entry box below and proceeding to the next page you agree to abide by ALL the aforementioned rules put forth as a binding contract and agreement between Geeks On Repair and yourself. We will not make you sign a non compete agreement , since we know many outsourced techs have their own companies, and we see you and ourselves as part of a team , not as a competitor nor do we see ourselves as your competitor. But do understand , plain and simple , Geeks On Repair customers belong to Geeks On Repair. They do not belong to you or your company. *By checking the entry box below and proceeding to creating a profile as an outsourced technician with Geeks On Repair, Tech gives Geeks On Repair the right to post negative comments online about Tech if said Tech breaks any parts of the agreement set forth in these terms and conditions , and Tech also give Geeks On Repair permission to post negative online comments about Tech if Tech were ever to steal money , skim hours and minutes from Geeks On Repair, or steal a customer from Geeks On Repair. Techs are paid according to the amount of hours and minutes accumulated between the time customer signs tech in before work commences , and the time customer signs tech out before techs departure. Geeks On Repair does not pay for travel or mileage , but when tech has to drive to a customer further then 30 miles one way from techs zip code base location, tech will receive an extra $10 bonus. When tech has to drive to a customer further then 40 miles one way from techs zip code base location, tech will receive an extra $20 bonus. For distances further then 50 miles one way from techs zip code base location saved in techs profile , Geeks On Repair and tech can negotiate the bonus amount to pay tech. On some occasions and for some jobs , Geeks On Repair allows tech to be paid a flat fee rate agreed upon between tech and Geeks On Repair before going out on a particular job. These jobs are rare and have to fit a criteria. Geeks On Repair would bring this up to tech if one of these jobs become available. Tech always has complete freedom to accept or turn down whichever jobs he chooses. We do however keep track of which techs accept the most and succesfully complete the most jobs with us , as so we also keep track of which ones turn down the most jobs . Techs who accept more jobs from us will be called and contacted first when future jobs become available , and will have seniority over other techs when jobs become available. ********** Your account will not be active nor will you be contacted for jobs until you upload a scanned or picture copy of your valid, non expired state issued drivers license. Understand that we will be giving you access to what we hold most dear and what we most protect , our Geeks On Repair customers , and we will not grant you permission to enter their residence or place of business without first verifying and knowing who you are **********

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