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Carl Van B. (1-800-674-9418)

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Carl Van B. (1-800-674-9418)
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Cell phone #: (904) 322-8740
Service Areas:richmondVirginia
Tech skills: LAN, 10BASE5, Thicknet, 10BASE2, Thinnet, Cat-5, 10BASE-T, RJ-45, BNC, Coax, UTP, Modems, MAC Addressing, ARP, WAN, TCP/IP, NetBEUI. IPX/SPX, DHCP, DNS, RIP, OSPF, BGP, PC Repair, MS-DOS 3.1-6.22, MS Windows 3.1. MS Windows 95, MS-Windows NT, MS Exchange, MS IIS, MS Office, Novell Netware, Banyan VINES
Educational Background: Systems Engineer IV - Spectrum - Charlotte, NC - Mar 2019 to PresentDeveloped requirements to migrate previously described systems to Azure Data Lake, identifying the sources of and amounts of data expected, the transformations and analysis needed to produce the alerts and reports. Worked with implementers in an iterative manner to move towards the goal of putting "everything" in the data lake. Administered several Element Management Systems, Service Testing and Turnup tools, the underlying virtual machines, working with vendors to maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade these systems.Accomplishments: Eliminated several redundant systems for gathering and analyzing performance data. As a side project, built a personal data lake to gather satellite and weather reports in an attempt to correlate them with network performance.Skills and Technologies: InfoVista, Spirent, VMWare, OpenStack, MS Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes Strategic Account Engineer III - Spectrum - Louisville, KY - Jun 2016 to Mar 2019Owned the previously described data pipeline with the goal of achieving and maintaining a high level of SLA compliance. Worked with numerous teams within the organization, including the NOC, Network Engineering teams, Strategic Account Managers and others to identify and remediate problematic circuits. Reduced financial penalties, which had been in the range of tensof thousands of dollars per month, by a factor of 20. Accomplishments: Invented and built a completely new troubleshooting tool. SLA's required less than 2.5 to 25 seconds of downtime per month. Using traditional troubleshooting methods, it was impossible to identify a fault and remediate it that quickly. Instead of tracing out the path a circuit takes through the network, looking for faults, this tool traced the path of every circuit on a regular basis. When a fault occurred, several different circuits would begin to show trouble. Having previously traced the paths, a weight was assigned to each hop that the problematic circuits took. The hops that had the highest weight were the most likely location of the fault. By promptly presenting the results to the NOC technicians, this tool has saved countless hours of troubleshooting and millions of dollars in penalties that were avoided. Received commendation for this work.Skills and Technologies: Ownership of a System, Invention, New Uses for Existing Data, Python, Identifying and Implementing Process Improvements, Advocating for Change within a Large OrganizationSystems Engineer I - Spectrum - Louisville, KY - Jul 2014 to Jun 2016The company entered into service level agreements (SLA's) for mobile backhaul, requiring four and five nines (99.99% to 99.999%) uptime. This role developed the data pipeline to produce complete and accurate reporting to our customers. Failure to meet these SLA's could result in monthly financial penalties as well as customer dissatisfaction. Accomplishments: Developed, from scratch, a data pipeline to produce SLA reports. This pipeline gathered information from multiple relational databases, as well as RESTful services. Data was also ingested directly from Cisco network devices via standard protocols. Approximately 150 billion data points were captured each month. The output consisted of the performance of over 50000 circuits, as well as all identified faults and other anomalies that had occured. Contractually agreed upon exceptions were identified, and the final reports were delivered to internal leadership and the customers. Reviewed problematic circuits with NOC teams. Conducted delicate conversations with C-suite executives when it became apparent thatthe financial penalties were much higher than anticipated.Skills and Technologies: Perl, MS Sql, MySQL, Oracle DB, Solarwinds, SAM (Alcatel/Nokia's Element Management System), CA Spectrum, MS Excel, Data Pipelines, ETL operations, Data Governance, RESTful API's, DevOps, Pair Programming, Agile Methodologies, Automating Manual Processes, Producing Clean Outputs from Dirty DataNOC Technician II - Spectrum - Louisville, KY - Jul 2012 to Jul 2014Mentored new hires in the previous NOC role. Gathered and analyzed data regarding network performance and NOC staffing. Handled cross-functional escalations of very complex routing and switching problems. Composed Reason For Outage documents, explaining the root causes and repair actions for major outages. These documents were circulated to external customers as well as executive leadership within the organization.Accomplishments: Further developed the ability to interact with technical staff, all levels of management, and external customers in a professional manner under demanding, time-sensitive circumstances.Skills and Technologies: SIP, RTP, RSTP, Spreadsheets, Perl, Mysql Databases, Linux, Cisco IO
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